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Climatewire: A Climate Change ‘Bummer Outer’ Comes to Washington — “A gaunt, soft-spoken environmental writer who has spent 21 years and almost a dozen books trying to convince the United States to deal with greenhouse gas emissions, McKibben, 50, sometimes describes himself to adoring college audiences as a professional ‘bummer outer.’” (19 August 2011)

Greenwire: Protest Makes Canada-To-U.S. Pipeline Project Newest Front in Climate Clash — “Keystone XL’s ascension from little-known commodity to fodder for a marquee bout between industry groups and environmentalists is set to start its last leg tomorrow, as green advocates converge on the White House for a two-week demonstration against the $7 billion proposal. For conservationists, the pipeline push back marks a new evolution in their battle to curb carbon emissions as well as a potential moment of unity following the brutal political defeats of 2010.” (19 August 2011)

The Nation: Civil Disobedience on Tar Sands Begins Outside the White House — “McKibben rallied the activists in Lafayette Park moments before the action began, and noted the enormous amount of money on the other side of the fight.” (20 August 2011)

WSJ: Dozens Arrested at Protest of Oil Pipeline — “The U.S. Park Police quickly moved tourists out of the way and sectioned off the area. After three warnings, the police started to arrest participants one by one.” (20 August 2011)

The Hill: Arrests continue at White House oil pipeline protest — “Police say 110 people over two days have been peacefully arrested after engaging in civil disobedience in front of the fence north of the White House.” (21 August 2011)

Reuters: Police arrest dozens protesting oil pipeline at White House — “Sixty-five people were jailed on Saturday, some of whom were held overnight, Schlosser said. Organizers of the sit-in expected arrests but said on their Tar Sands Action website that police had previously assured them protesters would be released the same day.” (21 August 2011)

Climate Progress: McKibben and 100 Others Arrested at White House, Many Held Until Monday, “Lighting a Fire” Among Demonstrators — “U.S. Park Police told organizers of the sit-in that the jail time was expressly intended as a deterrent for future participants.” (21 August 2011, via DailyKos/tarsandsaction.org)

Guardian: What tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate change — “Environmentalist Bill McKibben was among 100 people arrested at the weekend for protesting against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. But why are climate campaigners so concerned?” (23 August 2011)

HuffPo: Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Arrests Mount As Climate Activists Push Obama — “McKibben said protesters ‘spent a lot of time talking about how one of the last times many of us had been sleeping on the floor was when we’d been out campaigning for Obama and how much we hoped that he would do something to remind us why we were so enthusiastic.’” (23 August 2011)

New Yorker: The Problem with the Pipeline — “In a phone interview from D.C., Bill McKibben, the moving force behind the protests (and a former staff writer for The New Yorker) described it as ‘very civil’ disobedience.’” (23 August 2011)

POLITICO: Greens: Protests are stern warning to Obama — “To some protesters, if Keystone XL is a test, it’s a test the White House is clearly flunking.” (24 August 2011)

Mother Jones: What’s All the Fuss About the Keystone XL Pipeline? — “Because many of you may be wondering what the heck is going on with the protests, we’ve compiled this backgrounder.” (24 August 2011)

Solve Climate News: Keystone XL Protesters Up Against Faded Interest in U.S. Climate Effort — “Undoubtedly, it’s difficult for anybody to energize the masses about global warming in these seemingly post-climate times. Congress has brushed it aside, many Republican presidential candidates dismiss the science and much of the fractured media is asleep at the climate wheel.” (24 August 2011)

Climate Progress: Jailhouse Rock: Activists Score Victory Over Police in Tar Sands Pipeline Fight — The Inside Scoop — “But that’s when the police gave up. They threw in the towel on the “hard way” approach. The Fantastic 45 were released by 3 pm Sunday and allowed to pay a $100 fine at the Park police station. No jail time…. And so the jailing stopped Sunday.” (24 August 2011)

Tom Dispatch: Arrested at the White House (by Bill McKibben) — “We spent three days in D.C.’s Central Cell Block, which is exactly as much fun as it sounds like it might be. You lie on a metal rack with no mattress or bedding and sweat in the high heat; the din is incessant; there’s one baloney sandwich with a cup of water every 12 hours.” (24 August 2011)

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