“The idea of a house built so that people could become lost in it is perhaps more unusual than that of a man with a bull’s head, but both ideas go so well together and the image of the labyrinth fits with the image of the Minotaur. It is equally fitting that in the center of a monstrous house there be a monstrous inhabitant.”
"The Minotaur," The Book of Imaginary Beings, Jorge Luis Borges (via elucipher)

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gods for the modern agebrigid

be whatever you choose to make yourself. create; write; heal; love. when the worst comes, hold your head high and remember you are exalted. court darkness, embrace death, and walk out again, carrying springtime in your train and bringing light to all you touch. make home wherever you go. when the night is long and cold and dark, do not fear: woman of fire, you have only to light a candle.

Jeannine Hall Gailey, “Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales”

Jeannine Hall Gailey, “Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales”

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Lorna Simpson, Ebony (Branches), 2010


Lorna Simpson, Ebony (Branches), 2010





From Elon James White Tuesday night.

Everything is so disheartening…

"I can get gassed & rubber bulleted every night for the next month and what will you learn that you don’t know right now?" — Elon James White

"The question is: When it’s not our bodies and minds being abused every night will many of you still care? Will you support the work? Our abused and battered bodies can’t be the only canvas you’ll agree to read our concerns on."

“Confessor. Mother. Father. Ghost. The who
you talk to when you are talking to yourself.
The ocean is one version. Gray green in
sawtooth pearls
all it meets it swallows.”
El Dorado by Peter Campion, reviewed by Tova Gannana (via therumpus)

I put my head underwater baby, I held my breath until it passed
Crossed my fingers and concentrated, I closed my eyes and I was free at last

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Nunzio Paci

Artist on tumblr

“My whole work deals with the relationship between man and Nature, in particular with animals and plants. The focus of my observation is body with its mutations. My intention is to explore the infinite possibilities of life, in search of a balance between reality and imagination.” txt



Aerial Landscapes Around St. Louis, Missouri.
Created for VIEW Magazine Issue 9


Aerial Landscapes Around St. Louis, Missouri.

Created for VIEW Magazine Issue 9

“How would you define somebody who puts a cat where he is and takes all the money out of the ghetto where he makes it? Who is looting whom? Grabbing off the TV set? He doesn’t really want the TV set. He’s saying screw you. It’s just judgment, by the way, on the value of the TV set. He doesn’t want it. He wants to let you know he’s there. The question I’m trying to raise is a very serious question. The mass media-television and all the major news agencies-endlessly use that word “looter”. On television you always see black hands reaching in, you know. And so the American public concludes that these savages are trying to steal everything from us, And no one has seriously tried to get where the trouble is. After all, you’re accusing a captive population who has been robbed of everything of looting. I think it’s obscene.”

Ferguson, MO, 17 August 2014. Photos by J. B. Forbes, Robert Cohen, and David Carson.